Automobile and Transportation

Saint-Gobain supplies a range of high-performance products to the automotive and transportation industries.


Through Saint-Gobain Sekurit, the Group supplies the well-known automakers with windshields, sidelites, backlites, glass roofs and pre-assembled modules. Tempered, laminated, tinted or with coatings providing specific properties, Saint-Gobain Sekurit glazing helps reduce vehicle energy consumption and provides a solution to users’ growing demands for safety and comfort. Saint-Gobain Sekurit also serves with the same rigor the rail, armored and industrial vehicle markets: trucks, buses and coaches, and farm and construction site machinery.


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Specialist films

In addition to its glazing, the Group manufactures and sells special films for automobile glazing, under its Saint-Gobain Solar Gard® brand. These films protect against heat, damage caused by ultraviolet rays and attempted break-ins, as well as being attractive and protecting occupants’ privacy.


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Plastic components

The Group also manufactures high-performance plastic bearings, seals and foams for the automobile and land transportation market. These components are in particular used in doors, steering and braking systems, seats and even vehicle engines.

Norglide®bearing for hinges, seat mechanisms and other rotate or slide pivot provides low friction coefficient, high wear resistance,self-lubricated, maintenance free and NVH minimising.

RENCOL®tolerance ring for steering column anti-theft provides stable torque, which makes the assembly equipment more cost efficiency,and at the same time, reduces cost/weight of column.

Norbond®foam tapes for emblems, interior and exterior decoration bonding have a character of oxidation,fungi and weathering resistant and long performance life.

Norseal®foam for HVAC gaskets, lighting, weatherstrip gap seal etc. provides an excellent water sealant performance

Dydafoam® Foam-In-Place Gasketing for door modules, lighting and HVAC provides production efficiency for automatic production

Meldin 4000, Meldin 5000 2-T type seal rings and PTFE seal rings for drive shafts help to control leak rate of hydraulic oil and reduce torque losses

Meldin 4000 thrush washers for planetary gear systems with the advantage of preventing the abrasions between metals and reducing noises

OmniSeal like design products are used in automotive exhausted gas control system like EGR valves for reducing harmful gas emission.


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The safety and efficiency of high-performance products

From the glazing to the engine, and for body finishing, Saint-Gobain Abrasives solutions are used when manufacturing many vehicle components. Saint-Gobain ZirPro also supplies grinding beads to paint makers and surface treatment beads for pre-stressing applications, in particular suspension spring manufacture.


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Specific insulation

Saint-Gobain develops insulation solutions for technical applications in the transportation industry: ships,trains,light rail, metros and automobiles. For cars and trucks, ISOVER has in particular designed specific glass wool products that combine cost efficiency, lightness, high-performance acoustic insulation, thermal and fire protection.


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Marine Applications

Specialists in the field of high-performance glazing (insulating, solar control, fire resistant, heatable glass, high security glazing and other glass specialties), high performance mineral wool insulation, steel pipes, pipe components and industrial valves, wall lining systems, interior panels flooring and more.

Worldwide supplier of lightweight, energy-saving construction materials ensuring both safety and comfort.

Saint-Gobain Marine Applications, founded in 2004, federates seven internationally renowned Saint-Gobain companies: Saint-Gobain ISOVERSaint-Gobain Weber,Saint-Gobain Vetrotech Kinon,Saint-Gobain Sully, Saint-Gobain Gyproc, Optimera and Brødrene Dahl.

For the shipyard and container area, Saint-Gobain Abrasives offer NORTON and Flexovit resin bond cutting & grinding wheels and various coated abrasive products, which are very suitable for welding cleaning in containers and shipyard steel plates.


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High-speed line

Saint-Gobain ISOVER and Saint-Gobain Sekurit supplied the first high-speed train in northeast China linking Harbin and Dalian with our windows glazing and cabin insulation products.

Besides, Flexovit railways cutting wheels and NORTON rail track grinding wheels from Abrasives are widely used in the rail road construction and maintenance. These products are certified in many countries in the world and meet the highest international standards for railway construction.

In the scope of its technological achievements Saint-Gobain Sully offers a wide range of solutions necessary for modern railway transport requirements towards resistance, safety, weight and revolutionary designs. These solutions differ according to certification of each country and cover the whole range of requirements of every security issues.


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