PAM China & Lanzhou CABR join forces for the first passive building demonstration project in Gansu


The first PAM Elixair™ project in Northwest China was launched in Lanzhou New Area. The project was funded by Lanzhou China Construction Corporation, designed by China Construction Academy of Sciences and contracted by Gansu No.3 Construction group. It is a demonstration project in senses of China Green Big Data/Gansu 13th Five Science&Technology Research project, China-US Clean Energy project and China Passive House project.

PAM ELixair™ has been chosen as a highlight solution of energy saving for Lanzhou project. This is the landmark project of PAM ELixair™ in North-West of China, following the step of Saint-Gobain PAM in pursuit of energy saving and sustainability.

Technical sales and SGR provided all-round technical support to ensure the installation quality of the system and obtained very positive feedback from customers.