Saint-Gobain Abrasives offers a complete line of products and efficient technical support for professional grinding in the wood and metalworking industries. The newly launched R219 product is a general-purpose cloth-based product tailored to the actual situation in the domestic market. The product is mainly processed into abrasive belts, which are widely used in the grinding of wood and general metals, and can also be converted into various shaped products to fully meet the needs of customers.


Process parameters

Large roll width: 1380mm

Backing: X-blend

Abrasive: alumina

Binding agent: resin binder

Particle size range: P36-P600

Sand surface color: brown red

Product form: roll, abrasive belt

Application market: general purpose grinding of wood and general metals

尺寸(宽*长) 粒度 包装数量 订货编码(UPC)
1380mmx50m P36 1 66254479059
P40 1 66254479060
P60 1 66254479061
P80 1 66254479192
P100 1 66254479193
1380mmx100m P120 1 66254479071
P150 1 66254479073
P180 1 66254479074
P240 1 66254479075
P320 1 66254479076
P400 1 66254479063