F101 is a high-performance, water-based formulation abrasive. It removes water-mill marks from P1500 sandpaper from any modern medium-hardness paint.

It is a very versatile product, suitable for wool or sponge, and it is also the first fast wax product designed and produced specifically for the Chinese market, with Chinese labels on the front and back.

F101 abrasive wax is the first surface treatment product. If you need to completely remove spiral and other fine lines, please continue to use G3F101 mirror wax product.

Fast scratch remover: Quickly remove P1500 water sandpaper sand marks or finer sandpaper sand marks.

Paint surface reducing agent: reducing oxidized paint surface and passivated paint surface.

High gloss: enhanced-gloss generation performance.

OEM applicability: It is an ideal OEM cosmetic product.

Water-free & easy to use: Minimal splash and dust, easy to clean.

Suitable for wool discs and sponge discs: Whether using wool discs or sponge discs, they have excellent transparency and cutting power.


1. 外观: 白色乳状液体。

2. 粘稠度: 高粘稠度。

3. VOC 成分: 202g/L。

4. 相关密度: 1.35。

5. pH: 约10。

6. 适用漆面种类: MS。