Part Number

  • Rimax - 0.8-1.0mm
  • Rimax - 1.0-1.2mm
  • Rimax - 1.2-1.4mm
  • Rimax - 1.25-2.0mm
  • Rimax - 1.4-1.6mm
  • Rimax - 1.6-1.8mm
  • Rimax - 1.8-2.0mm
  • Rimax - 2.0-2.2mm
  • Rimax - 2.2-2.4mm
  • Rimax - 2.4-2.6mm
  • Rimax - 2.5-2.8mm


A Dependable Milling Solution

Rimax is a durable zirconium silicate bead recognized as the standard in many milling processes. It is recommended when large bead sizes are required or in aggressive environments such as in basket mills. Rimax is the product of choice in most traditional applications.

Sintered Zirconium Silicate 

Thanks to its initial perfect shape and narrow size distribution, the wear mechanism of Rimax provides excellent control of the grinding load inside the mill, remaining round and polished over extended periods.