The exhibition blueprint draws a new chapter I The relocation ceremony of the Chongqing office of Saint-Gobain Keshun High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. was successfully completed!


On February 23, the relocation and ribbon-cutting ceremony of Saint-Gobain Keshun High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. was held on the 5th floor of Block C, Uranus Business Building, No. 64 Xingguang Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing. Zhang Feng, General Manager of Saint-Gobain Keshun High-tech Materials Co., Ltd., Wang Huan, Marketing Director and Chief Digital Officer of Saint-Gobain Asia-Pacific Region, Zhang Xiaojian, General Manager of Keshun Co., Ltd., and other leaders were invited to attend the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Zhang Feng, the general manager of our company, delivered a speech at the ceremony, saying: "The door welcomes the dawn, the financial resources are wide, and the household has a lot of festivities at the vernal equinox. At the same time, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the guests who came to participate in the event.". Here, we would like to express that all employees of Saint-Gobain Keshun take their dreams as their horses and live up to their youth, and wish Saint-Gobain Group, Keshun Shares and Saint-Gobain Keshun Company to flourish and prosper.


In the future, our company aims to provide waterproof solutions based on polymer roofing systems to meet the growing demand for high-performance, low-carbon and environment-friendly high-tech building materials in the domestic market; It is widely used in metal roof and curtain wall of industrial and civil buildings, concrete roof, root puncture roof, waterproof works of underground space, etc.