Polyeco™ HP-SA waterproofing membrane

Scope of application

Roof, basement, water conservancy engineering, rail transit engineering, underground comprehensive pipe gallery, granary, swimming pool, swimming pool of various industrial and commercial buildings and other waterproof and moisture-proof projects.

Product specifications

Model Thickness(mm) Wide(m) Length(m) Overlap edge
H(homogeneity) 1.2、1.6 1 20

Single/double sided adhesion



Product Features

1. Actively coagulate with the structure and actively heal damages below 2mm;

2. Strong adhesive effect, easy adhesion, difficult to peel off;

3. High quality TPO material for all-round protection;

4. The strong combination of TPO and butyl rubber provides excellent tightness and tightness;

5. Zero pollution, safety and environmental protection;

6. Cold construction is convenient and reliable.

Technical indicators

Executive standard: The sheet meets GB27789-2011 Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Waterproof Rollers

Project Index
Tensile properties Tensile strength/MPa ≥ 12.0
Elongation at break/% ≥ 500
Rate of change in heat treatment size/% 2.0
Low temperature bending -40°C without cracks
Artificial climate accelerates aging Tensile strength retention/%≥ 90
Elongation at break retention/%≥ 90
Low temperature bending -40°C without cracks
Executive standard: self-adhesive layer meets GB/T23260-2009 "waterproofing membrane with self-adhesive layer"
Project Index
Peel strength(/ N/mm) Coils and coils ≥1.0
Coil and aluminum sheet ≥1.5
Peeling strength after immersion in water(/ N/mm) ≥1.5
Peel strength after heat aging(/ N/mm) ≥1.5
Self-adhesive surface heat resistance 70 °C, no flow for 2h
Stickiness/min ≥1.5


Construction steps

Base layer cleaning → Bullet line positioning → Pre-laid coil → Laying coil → Quality acceptance

Case show

Guangzhou-Foshan Rail Transit Linyue Section TOD Comprehensive Development Project