Polyeco™ NS-Pre waterproofing membrane

Scope of application

Underground engineering floor and side wall of the basement with small construction space, mining method tunnel.

Product specifications

Thickness(mm) Wide(m)


Overlap edge
1.5、1.7 1 20 Bilateral self-glue

Product features

1. The pre-paved anti-adhesive method is adopted, and the waterproof membrane and the concrete structure form an excellent full adhesion effect.Waterproof and reliable, no water channeling.

2. Based on TPO sheet, the roll material is soft and more attached to the base surface of the node; High and low temperature resistance Good performance, excellent chemical corrosion resistance.

3. Butyl self-adhesive layer has excellent aging resistance and water resistance, and can be used in complex underground environments Use.

Technical indicators

Project Index
Tensile properties pulling force/ (N/50mm)≥ ≥600
Tensile strength/MPa≥ ≥12
Membrane rupture elongation/%≥ ≥500
Phenomenon when stretching There is no separation between the adhesive layer and the main material
heat tolerance(80℃,2h) No displacement, flow, dripping
Low temperature bending of the main material(-40℃) No cracks
The adhesive layer is low temperature and flexible(-25℃) No cracks
Impermeable(0.3MPa,120min) No cracks
Peel strength with post-poured concrete (no treatment)≥ 1.8
Seam peeling
strength(/ N/mm)
No processing≥ 4.0 or coil destruction
Water immersion treatment≥ 4.0 or coil destruction
Rate of dimensional change/%≤ ±1.2
Shore D hardness (1s reading) 35~40
Oil permeability/number of sheetsOil permeability/number of sheets≤ 1

Construction steps

Base layer cleaning → Bullet line positioning → Large surface paving waterproofing membrane → Lap treatment → Detailed node treatment → Self-inspection, repair, acceptance → Lashing steel bars

Case show

Wuhan New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Industrial Park