Polytech™ ST-Presa waterproofing membrane

Scope of application

Underground engineering floor and side walls constructed by the external defense and internal sticking method, mining tunnels, etc.

Product specifications

Model Thickness(mm) Wide(m) Length(m) Lap edges

Class P


1.2、1.5、1.7 1、2 20 Unilateral self-adhesive
Bilateral self-glue

Product features

1. Mechanical properties: high material strength, high elongation, impact resistance, puncture resistance, scratch resistance;

2. Bonding performance: the polymer self-adhesive film layer has excellent bonding performance, and the pre-laying anti-adhesive method is used to form a full-adhesive waterproof structure with the main body of the post-casting structure, leaving no hidden danger of channeling water;

3. Aging resistance: excellent UV aging resistance, heat aging performance;

4. Marine environment erosion resistance: salinity resistance, chloride ion erosion resistance;

5. Durability: HDPE can maintain good chemical stability and service life in ordinary inorganic, organic acid, alkali, salt, organic solvent and microbial environment;

6. Environmental performance: green building materials, no pollution to the groundwater environment.

Technical indicators

Project Indicators (P category)
Tensile properties pulling force(/ N/50mm)≥ 600
Tensile strength/MPa≥ 16
Membrane rupture elongation/%≥ 400
Phenomenon when stretching There is no separation between the adhesive layer and the main material or tire base
heat tolerance 80 °C, 2h no slip, flow, dripping
Low temperature bending The main material and adhesive layer are -35 °C, no cracks
Low temperature flexibility Adhesive layer -25 °C, no cracks
Oil permeability/number of sheets≤ 1
Impermeability 0.3MPa, 120min Impermeable
Rate of dimensional change≤ ±1.5
With post-poured concrete
Peel strength(/ N/mm)
No processing≥ 1.5
Water immersion treatment≥ 1.0
Sediment contaminates the surface≥ 1.0
UV treatment≥ 1.0
heat treatment≥ 1.0


Construction steps

Base layer cleaning → Bullet line positioning → Large surface paving waterproofing membrane → Lap treatment → Detailed node treatment → Self-inspection, repair, acceptance → Lashing steel bars