Polymile™ GR waterproofing membrane

Scope of application

It is suitable for various planting waterproof projects such as roof garden, planting roof, planting roof, etc.

Product specifications

Model Thickness(mm) Wide(m) Length(m) Lap edges
H (homogeneous)
L (with fiber backing)
P (Fabric in-reinforced)
1.2、1.5 2 20 weld

Product features

1. It has the dual functions of waterproofing and preventing plant roots from penetrating, and can withstand the puncture of plant roots and maintain waterproof function for a long time, which not only prevents root puncture but does not affect plant growth;

2. Good low-temperature flexibility, strong chemical corrosion resistance, service life;

3. Excellent weldability performance, reliable lap joint, and repeatable welding;

4. Large surface empty paving, simple construction operation, good plasticity, convenient detailed processing;

5. Green environmental protection, no pollution, recyclable.

Technical indicators

Executive standard: GB12952-2011 "Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproofing membrane"


The thickness of the resin layer on the intermediate tire base/mm≥ - - 0.40
Tensile properties Maximum pull/(N/cm) ≥ - 120 250
Tensile strength/MPa ≥ 10.0 - -
Elongation at maximum pull/% ≥ - - 15
Elongation at break/% ≥ 200 150 -
Rate of change in heat treatment size/% ≤ 2.0 1.0 0.5
Low temperature bending -25°C without cracks
Executive standard: GB/T35468-2017 "Root-piercing waterproofing membrane for planting roofing"
Project Index
Resistant to mold and corrosion Anti-mildew grade Level 0 or 1
Seam peel strength No processing(/ N/mm) Plastic waterproofing membrane Weld ≥ 3.0 or coil damage
Bond ≥1.5
Retention rate after heat aging treatment/% ≥80 or coil destruction