PAM attended 10th WORLD WATER FORUM in Indonesia


The World Water Forum is the international gathering in the water sector involving various stakeholders, which has been co-hosted by the World Water Council and a host city. The Forum is held every three years and has been taking place since 1997. 

Over the years, the number of people participating in the Forum has grown from a few hundred to tens of thousands, from both the international community and host countries.

10th world water forum


On 18th to 25th of May 2024, the heads of state, the heads of international organizations, high level government officials, experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and economists from all over the world has shared their knowledges, experiences, and practices regarding a wide range of topics related to water. The 6 days Fair (20 - 25 May 2024) and the Six days expo (20 - 25 May 2024), will be among the highlight of the 10th World Water Forum.

During the 5-days event, PAM received a lot of visitors from world-wide, especially key persons from big water companies in Indonesia.


Beside exhibition activities, Pam also organized a small workshop on the second day of World Water Forum. With the exceptional present of Mr. Long Naro for presenting Bakheng Project at French Pavilion on May 21st 2024.