Weberfloor 240


weberfloor 240, a machine or hand applied self-smoothing base, is
designed as a smooth thick underlayment for the use on concrete
floor to receive vinyl sheets, carpeting and other floor finishes. It
contains polymer fibres which prevents cracks even on old substrate.
It is supplied as a pre-blended dry powder designed for application
at thickness between 15 – 50 mm in one operation. The product
can be used as a stand-alone underlayment, with weberfloor 810 or
weberfloor 860 to form a hard wearing floor surface. Under normal
condition, access onto the floor is available after 2 – 3 hours. Provided
that the substrate is suitably dry, the final flooring can be laid after 24
hours (for a 15 mm layer). weberfloor 230 does not contain casein or
other protein bearing additives, making it particularly suitable for the
use in hospitals, food preparation areas and storage areas.