Weberfloor 860


weberfloor 860 is a machine or hand applied self-levelling floor surfacing
system formulated from special cement, aggregates, supplementary
binders and chemical additives. weberfloor 860 is designed as a smooth
overlayment for the use on concrete floor. Express setting time enables
short waiting period. Under normal conditions, access onto the floor
is available after 2 – 3 hours, light traffic available after 24 hours and
full load after 7 days (for a 10 mm layer), provided that the substrate is
suitably dry. It is supplied as a pre-blended, dry powder designed for
application at thickness between 6 – 15 mm in one operation. Normal
application thickness is 6 – 10 mm. weberfloor 860 does not contain
casein or other protein bearing additives, making it particularly suitable
for the use in hospitals, food preparation areas and storage areas. In
high chemical attack areas, epoxy or resin coatings can be applied to
the surface to offer chemical resistance.