Food & Beverage Dispensing Tubing

The inner surface of Tygon SPT-3350 silicone tubing for food & beverage dispensing has been designed to reduce the risk of particle entrapment and microscopic build-up during fluid transfer. In-house analysis of the inner surface of Tygon SPT-3350  tubing compared to other silicone tubing shows that it is up to three times smoother. A smoother fluid path helps to facilitate complete sanitation of a fluid transfer system. Even in repeat use applications, Tygon SPT-3350 tubing may prevent residue build-up, aiding in complete cleaning and sterilization. Additionally, the smooth inner surface of the Tygon SPT-3350 silicone tubing improves fluid flow characteristics by reducing surface area.

In addition, in-house extractability tests have shown that Tygon SPT-3350 silicone tubing has a low extractable content. Lower extractable help to maintain the integrity of the transported food and beverage media.

Features and Benefits Typical Applications
•Ultra-smooth inner bore reduces potential for particle entrapment
•Minimal extractable help maintain fluid integrity
•Excellent fluid flow characteristics
•Complete inventory of standard sizes available, including metric sizes

Typical Applications
•Food and beverage dispensing