TYGON® LP-1600


Low Permeation, Fuel Transfer Tubing

Tygon LP-1600 low permeation, fuel tubing meets the United States' emission standards for clean air. Specially formulated for marine outboard fuel delivery applications, Tygon LP-1600 tubing is EPA and CARB certified. Featuring a highly fuel-resistant, ethanol-compatible inner layer, Tygon LP-1600 tubing has a robust design that ensures safe fuel transfer from the tank to the engine and provides both excellent fitting retention and fast, easy assembly.

This tubing also meets EPA B1-15 and CARB Outdoor Marine Tank (OMT) above-deck ratings for the marine industry and American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) H-24 standards. Tygon LP-1600 tubing conforms to SAE J1527 B1 standards.

Features and Benefits
•Thermoplastic multi-layer technology designed to provide the best barrier construction
•Excellent resistance to hydrocarbon-based fuels (leaded and unleaded fuels)
•Compatible with 100% ethanol
•Wide temperature range from -20 °F to 165 °F (-28.9 °C to 73.9 °C)
•Ozone and UV light resistant to prevent premature aging
•High abrasion, cut and tear resistance for longer service life
•Superior flexibility and kink resistance
•Custom sizes and colors available

Typical Applications
•Marine boats with above-deck outboard engines
•Personal watercraft – Jet Skis, WaveRunners
•Portable marine fuel delivery system