Versilon™ C-544-A IB


Multi-Purpose, Abrasion Resistant Tubing

More flexible than many other reinforced urethane tubing, Versilon C-544-A IB tubing can often be used in applications requiring a tight bend radius where other tubes have collapsed and failed. Versilon C-544-A IB tubing also retains much of its unique flexibility even at temperatures as low as -100°F (-73°C).

Specially formulated from tough ether-based polyurethane resins, Versilon C-544-A IB tubing is ideal for use in some of the most physically demanding applications. When exposed to abrasive conditions,the excellent wear properties of Versilon C-544-A IB tubing frequently outperforms traditional rubber, plastic and metal materials.

Features and Benefits
•Exceptional abrasion and tear resistance
•Tough braid reinforcement for elevated working pressures
•Excellent resistance to oils, greases, and fuels
•Retains flexibility in sub-zero environments

Typical Applications
•Food and cosmetic processing
•Abrasive and viscous slurry transfer
•Lubrication and degreaser dispensing
•Pellet and powder transfer
•Pneumatic sensory devices
•Instrumentation control lines
•Coolant recovery systems