Versilon™ PFA


Superior Chemical Resistant Tubing

Versilon PFA flexible tubing provides excellent chemical resistance and a good diffusion-resistance. Our tubing is widely used in the semi-conductor, laboratory, environmental and  pharmaceutical industries where ultrapure chemicals (including water) require precise quality control. Versilon PFA tubing is also available in even higher purity grades for extremely critical applications.

Saint-Gobain's stringent material quality control, state-of-the-art process control and outstanding customer service are why industry leaders worldwide insist upon Versilon PFA tubing.

Features and Benefits
•High level of purity
•Excellent chemical resistance
•Retains higher mechanical strength at elevated temperatures compared to FEP
•High resistance to stress cracking
•Temperature resistant up to +260°C
•Available also as colored tubing

Typical Applications
•Semiconductor industry
•Valve and pump linings
•Environmental water sampling and analysis
•Cable coating
•Insulating bushings