Versilon™ PTFE


High Temperature & High Pressure Fluoropolymer Tubing

Made out of polytetrafluoroethylene resin, Versilon PTFE flexible tubing has the highest working temperature of any fluoropolymer tubing available today. Versilon PTFE is widely used as a pressure tubing in general chemical transfer applications such as delivery of natural gas and mineral oils, toxic gas monitoring; and paint, varnish or adhesive delivery lines. This tubing also serves numerous applications in the automotive, electrical and appliance markets. Saint-Gobain's careful selection of resin type, particle size, temperature and pressure produces smooth and dimensionally stable tubing. 

In order to consistently ensure the quality of our products, we only use raw materials from leading manufacturers. We are able to produce Versilon PTFE tubes in various dimensions with different material properties according to the customer needs and the corresponding requirements.

Features and Benefits
•Fully fluorinated fluoropolymer tubing
•Opaque/translucent color, other colors available upon request
•Highest working temperature (up to +260°C) out of all fluoropolymer tubing

Typical Applications
•General chemical applications
•Natural gas and mineral oil delivery
•Toxic gas monitoring
•Paint, varnish and adhesive delivery lines
•Automotive, electrical and appliance markets