Versilon™ 367


High-Purity, Fluoropolymer Tubing

Versilon 367 clear tubing maintains fluid integrity and outperforms tubing made from standard or high-purity PFA resins. Versilon 367 is chemically inert fluoropolymer tubing and up to six times smoother, which translates to less cross-contamination, greater product yields and easier-to-clean systems.

More and more manufacturers are realizing the importance of maintaining the integrity of the chemicals used in their production processes, and are using chemically inert fluoropolymer tubing to achieve the required purity levels.

Features and Benefits
•Vastly superior surface smoothness compared to other fluoropolymer tubing
•Very low extractables with deionized water and acids
•Superior clarity versus other fluoropolymer tubing
•Resistant to virtually all commonly used chemicals
•Excellent mechanical properties

Typical Applications
•Food and beverage
•Semiconductor processing
•Chemical processing
•General industrial