PAM China Launching New ELixair Product Catalogue


Air quality has always been one of the important indicators of building comfort. In the current situation of novel coronavirus epidemic, in order to stop the spread of the virus, many high-rise buildings were forced to shut down the central air conditioning, but also lead to poor indoor ventilation effect and air quality.

Saint-Gobain PAM ELixairTM geothermal smart fresh air system can solve the problems of indoor temperature and fresh air at the same time, and save energy: on the one hand, heating the air through the geothermal energy in advance to reduce the energy consumption of the central air-conditioning equipment when heating/cooling the air; on the other hand, it could help strengthen the ventilation, to ensure the indoor air health and safety and achieve excellent air comfort.

Saint-Gobain PAM China has recently launched a new ELixairTM pipeline system product catalogue, including the application project references and new solution for improving indoor air comfort.