PureFlo® PE

Gamma-irradiatable, light-weight, compact vent or air filter with exceptional flow performance.


PureFlo® PE capsules are gamma-irradiatable, easy-to-use filtration units, ideally suited for integration into single-use sterile assemblies.  The hydrophobic polyethylene (PE) membrane demonstrates exceptional flow performance in venting and compressed gas applications.  The filter capsules are available in a complete spectrum of sizes to simplify scale-up throughout each stage of the drug development process.




•Hydrophobic, PE membrane

•Exceptional flow performance resulting in a light-weight, compact filter designed to promote process efficiency.

•Available in a complete spectrum of sizes and fittings to simplify system design and scale-up



•Bioreactor Vent

•Moisture Barrier

•Compressed Gas

•Fermentation Tank Vent

•Bottle or Carboy Vent