Furon® Check Valve, 2-Inch

High Purity , Molded Valve


Furon 2-inch Check Valves offer a reliable solution to preventing reverse flow in high purity fluid handling applications. Constructed from high-purity fluoropolymers and featuring a 100% PTFE spring, Furon 2 inch Check Valves are designed to crack at pressures less than 1 PSIG (0.07 bar) and are rated for media pressures up to 80 PSIG (5.5 bar) and fluid temperatures up to 203°F (95°). Patented O-Ring free sealing and fluoropolymer spring design reduces the potential for leakage and media contamination and increases product life. The Furon 2-inch Check Valve is engineered to operate in any orientation and suitable for use in ultra-pure or highly corrosive media.