Furon® J-Valve Pneumatic 2-Way Valve

High Purity Valves for Chemical Distribution Systems


Saint-Gobain's Furon J-Valves feature a high Cv flow factor in a small footprint, and also provide the capability for operating in high back pressure applications. Additionally, Furon J-Valves are lifecycle tested to over two million cycles, assuring superior reliability in process-critical applications. This Furon J-Valve is a pneumatically actuated, 2-way diaphragm valve for reliable on/off control. Furon J-Valves are robust in design, offering superior performance applications involving aggressive chemistries or abrasive slurries. Wetted parts are 100% injection molded high-purity PFA with virgin PTFE diaphragm, assuring the ultimate in high purity and resistance to the most aggressive media.