Furon® UPRM Pressure Regulator, Pneumatic

Constructed from 100% high-purity PFA and PTFE wetted parts, Furon UPRM Pressure Regulators are suitable for use with ultrapure, harsh, or aggressive chemicals commonly found in the Semiconductor industry, or any other applications requiring high purity and/or high chemical resistance. A modified PTFE isolation diaphragm protects the actuator components from the process media, assuring no possibility of contamination from metal elements.


Furon UPRM压力调节器由100%高纯PFA和PTFE接液部件制成,适用于半导体行业中常见的超纯、刺激性或腐蚀性化学物质,或要求高纯度和/或高耐化学性的任何其他应用。经过改进的PTFE隔离膜片可保护执行器组件不受过程介质影响,从而确保不会受到金属元素污染。