Furon® UPRP Precision Regulator, .25-Inch Manual Valve

High Purity Valve


Furon UPRP Precision Regulators are engineered to control downstream fluid pressures with the utmost precision. A large sensing dome allows for a 1:1 ratio between the pilot air pressure and the desired output pressure. For example, setting the pilot air pressure to 40 psi will regulate the fluid output pressure to approximately 40 psi. Additionally, our unique diaphragm design assures that the regulators will not “chatter” at the lower end of the pressure range settings, a behavior common to many types of competing pressure regulators. The wetted flow path is 100% PTFE and PFA and the regulator is 100% metal-free and elastomer-free, making the UPRP Precision Regulators an ideal choice for Semiconductor applications, or any other application requiring high purity and/or superior chemical resistance.