Furon® Manifold

High Purity Manifolds


The uniform modular design of the Furon Manifolds is ideally suited to support customized manifold configurations and to provide unparalleled design flexibility in a space-saving package. Furon Manifolds feature an all injection-molded high performance valve, with visual position indication, that clearly shows at a glance whether the valve is open or closed. The manifold's body is constructed of high-purity; injection molded PFA, and was designed to provide an easy drop-in replacement for existing valves in Saint-Gobain Process Systems’ manifold system. Furon Manifolds are ideal for the semiconductor process, high purity and corrosive chemical applications that require both a high Cv factor and minimum footprint. Offered in manual or pneumatic actuated 2-way and multi-turn configurations Furon Manifolds meet a wide range of customer requirements.