Saint-Gobain Life Science attended the 4th Biopharmaceutical Bioprocess Development Summit


On August 25 -26, the 2020 Biopharmaceutical Process Development Summit hosted by WuXi Biologics was successfully held at Shanghai. This year's summit was attended by more than 800 experts in the biopharmaceutical industry from scientific research, technology development, culture technology, purification technology, biological preparations, quality control, supply chain, commercial production and other fields.

Saint-Gobain Life Science Speech

Saint-Gobain Life Science technical manager Wendy LIU gave a speech named “ Single-use system new design concept and localization of Saint-Gobain in China”, she shared how we can help to improve the matching between Single use products and Biopharma process, shorten the preparation time and guarantee the safety of one-off product supply, thus greatly shorten the production cycle, and help customers to achieve drug development and production efficiency.

Saint-Gobain Life Science booth

Zhisheng Chen, the Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of WuXi Biologics visit