Saint-Gobain Bearings participants the 22nd China International Industry Fair – Robotics Show


September 15th, the 22nd International Industrial Expo opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, where the Saint-Gobain performance plastic Bearings business unit participated in the Robotic Show. As a professional exhibition with the theme of "robot" under the China International Industrial Expo, the Robotic Show (RS) focuses on all kinds of cutting-edge products, technologies and industry application solutions as the main display content, providing a diversified value platform, providing links for the industrial chain, capital chain and entrepreneurial chain, creating new business opportunities for the robot industry and helping to promote the development of the new pattern of the industry. If the COVID-19 can have a positive impact on industrial technology, then perhaps the most important thing is that intelligent, automated technology will increasingly become the key to enterprises to gain an advantage. The exhibition attracted a large number of professionals from the industry.

Saint-Gobain's Norglide Bearings can be used to connect shaft joints of collaborative robots which plays a key role of lubrication and sealing. We developed and customized Norglide T075E washer which exhibits excellent wear-resistant performance. Our products can help customers to achieve the requirements of Class 100 cleanliness standard and IP54 protection grade, thereby meeting the stringent cleaning requirements of the semiconductor and medical equipment industry. In addition, our product's sliding layer with extremely low friction coefficient which can reduce power consumption and its self-lubricating property brings significant maintenance cost-saving.