NORGLIDE® T Bearings


Combines steel and tape to provide noise and vibration damping properties and light-weight construction.

The NORGLIDE® T bearing is a composite material of compounded PTFE tape on a metal shell. This material structure enables machining of the bearing in the housing--which is an alternative to the sizing process--to obtain tightest tolerances on the inside diameter.

The very thick PTFE layer isolates noise and allows to design bearings without play. Bearings of more than 0.75 mm thickness can be produced with an interference fit in the housing. Various methods are available to protect the steel shell from corrosion.


The standard PTFE compound contains carbon and graphite. Special PTFE compounds are available on request. Fabricated parts include rolled bearings with or without an axial flange, deep-drawn bearings and die-cuts. The metal backing is available in steel, aluminum or stainless for use in chemically-harsh environments.