RENCOL® Crown Rings


A RENCOL® crown ring can be a SV or HV style ring with fingers instead of waves.  These fingers are designed to withstand large tolerances and absorb vibrations/movement.   This type of ring is generally used for large radial clearances of less than or equal to 3mm. 

Engineered Fastening

The RENCOL® Tolerance Ring allows a simple consistent joint of cylindrical parts using dissimilar materials without the complications and cost of adhesive, secondary machining operations or machined details, such as splines or threads.  The RENCOL® Tolerance Ring sits between the two components resulting in an engineered fastening.

  Circlip Threads Press Fit Adhesive RENCOL® Tolerance Ring
Re-workability Checkmark Checkmark     Checkmark
Mating component tolerances         Checkmark
Total solution cost         Checkmark
Dissimilar materials Checkmark       Checkmark
Alignment Checkmark   Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark

 = suitable