RENCOL® Shaft Variable Rings


RENCOL® SV style rings have a free-state diameter smaller than the shaft diameter over which they are to be installed, so that when mounted to the shaft, the rings conform to and become self-retaining on the shaft.  The ring sits on the shaft with waves on the outside to be compressed by the bore of the housing.

Engineered Fastening

The RENCOL® Tolerance Ring allows a simple consistent joint of cylindrical parts using dissimilar materials without the complications and cost of adhesive, secondary machining operations or machined details, such as splines or threads.  The Tolerance Ring sits between the two components resulting in an engineered fastening.

  Circlip Threads Press Fit Adhesive RENCOL® Tolerance Ring
Re-workability Checkmark Checkmark     Checkmark
Mating component tolerances         Checkmark
Total solution cost         Checkmark
Dissimilar materials Checkmark       Checkmark
Alignment Checkmark   Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark

Torque Transfer

In a torque transfer application, the RENCOL® Tolerance Ring sits between the driving shaft and the gear/pulley.  The amount of torque is controlled by the design characteristics of the RENCOL® Tolerance Ring. The RENCOL® Tolerance Ring is an inexpensive solution which eliminates the need for costly machining operations such as keyways.

  Keyway Set Screw Spline Press Fit RENCOL® Tolerance Ring
Backlash     Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Lower component costs     Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Ease of re-work Checkmark Checkmark     Checkmark
Lower assembly costs       Checkmark Checkmark
Large temperature range Checkmark       Checkmark

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