NORGLIDE® H Bearings


High-temperature resistance bearing with metal backing.

The NORGLIDE® H bearing is a composite material based on the design of NORGLIDE® T bearings (tape and metal backing).  Besides the properties of standard NORGLIDE® T in terms of tolerances and noise vibration harshness (NVH), the H marks the material as high temperature resistant.  Therefore, the H-type is the appropriate material for Powertrain applications -- the JG compound is especially designed for high frequent oscillating movements as seen in most drivetrain dampeners. 

Bearings of more than 0.75 mm thickness can be produced with an interference fit in the housing.  Various methods are available to protect the steel shell from corrosion.


Different PTFE compounds are available.  Fabricated parts include rolled bearings with or without an axial flange, deep-drawn bearings and die-cuts.  The metal backing is available in four different steel thicknesses.