NORGLIDE® M Bearings


Metal-backed NORGLIDE® MP with maintained sizing capability but applicable for higher loads.

NORGLIDE® M is a composite material of NORGLIDE® MP bearing tape and steel backing. This combination of material improves load capabilities while maintaining the characteristics of NORGLIDE® MP, especially its sizing capability.

The bearings can be designed without play. Bearings of 1 mm wall thickness or greater can be produced with an interference fit in the housing. Various methods are available to protect the steel shell from corrosion.


The standard PTFE compound contains glass fibers and graphite.  Special PTFE compounds are available on request.  Fabricated parts include rolled bearings with or without an axial flange, deep-drawn bearings and die-cuts.  The steel shell and mesh can be offered in stainless steel for chemically-harsh environments.