Did you know that smoke and toxic gases can get as hot as 600°C in the event of fire?





Our glazed smoke barrier system Pyroswiss SBS controls the movement and containment of hot smoke within buildings. By keeping hot smoke buoyant and contained a safe zone is created below to ensure safe evacuation.



This system consists of Pyroswiss clear, tempered fire-resistant safety glass suspended by two fittings: either “DESIGN” in stainless steel or “ECO” in steel. Pyroswiss SBS is ideal for open space design in shopping malls, airports and transit stations to contain and channel hot smoke.


•    6mm thin specially tempered safety glass
•    Simple 2-point installation
•    Certified to DH30 and D120 according to EN 12101-1
•    Available as SAFE against fall-protection
•    Easy, secure handling and installation