Competency Research Lab(CRL)

CRL endeavors to develop competent talents and break-through innovations.

Solution & Talent

Solution & Talent


CRL Mission

  • Endeavor to develop competent talents and break-through innovations
  • Develop world-class competences for today and tomorrow business needs in collaborations with SG R&D community and external partners
  • Provide technology solutions to SG business via competencies in a professional way


3 groups constitute CRL department


Material Characterization Group (MC)


Platform of efficient, high-quality, cost effective material characterization


Key Focus Areas

  • Provide characterization service to businesses
  • Identify & establish new characterization competencies required by Businesses
  • Conduct Exploratory, transversal research in Materials Characterization and leverage resource/ technic of university



Product & Process Competency Group (PPC)


Pipeline of transversal competency on products & process for businesses

Key Focus Areas

  • Identify, establish and strengthen transversal competencies on products & processes by medium-long term projects and pipeline of exploratory research;
  • Network with Universities, research institutes to keep update on technology evolution and establish long-term partnerships on required competencies;
  • Communicate with SG R&D community on potential innovations and global solutions.



Computation and Instrumentation Technology (CIT)


Synergy pool of computation and instrumentation technology

Key Focus Areas

  • Integrate computation and instrumentation technology for Businesses application
  • Optimize product design and process control by digitalizing process/ quality control and predicting material/ product behavior
  • Build competencies to meet needs of Asia Pacific Habitat businesses on Building science / solutions Gobain