Saint-Gobain Research Shanghai

Saint-Gobain Research Shanghai (SGR Shanghai) - one of 8 Saint-Gobain transversal R&D centers. SGR Shanghai is located in the Minhang Development Zone, at the heart of its Shanghai industrial complex, neighboring our production plants involved in Performance Plastics, Glass for Automotive, Abrasives and Ceramics businesses.

Mirroring the extraordinary richness of Saint-Gobain technologies, this Center hosts scientists in almost all advanced material sciences from ceramics to polymers, glass to Abrasives, plasters and cements to composites…and reaches variety of research fields including: material science, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, modeling, building physics, grinding, coating, automatic inspection, industry 4.0, sensors, etc.


The center builds a strong technical competency in product development, in-depth scientific research and analysis, rapid response to business requests and frontline technology development. Equipped with modern scientific equipment, SGR Shanghai is taking part in fast-changing technical evolution. Polymer material processing, Abrasives, Powder processing and Automatic Inspection are four established technical areas which are in direct linkage with Saint-Gobain products. Other competencies dealing with Industry 4.0, construction materials, refractories and cement are growing to strongly supporting Saint-Gobain group in Asia. SGR Shanghai building was designed by Arte Charpentier. Phase II building green labels demonstrate our willingness and success to make our facilities a safe place to work.


In close partnership with the business, each year SGR Shanghai delivers around 12 new products, filed 20 invention patents. Some of our platforms are unique in Saint-Gobain, sustaining business world-wide growths.


SGR Shanghai proposes rich career developments and permanent exposure to international teams within Saint-Gobain R&D network.