International window film industry leader

Affiliated to Saint-Gobain Group of France, it is the world leader in the field of high-end automotive film and architectural film – magnetron sputtering film. Headquartered in San Diego, California, USA, it owns Quantum® and Solar®. Gard®), panoramic Panorama®, Solar Gard Armorcoat® other brands in the past three decades, selling more than 90 countries worldwide. Quantum® Automotive Films, Solar Gard Automotive/Architectural Film® is a world-renowned high-end window film brand with environmental protection as its core mission. Quantum Membrane/Solar Gard has published the “Product Environmental Declaration (EPD)”; The Solar Gard building insulation film has been proven to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since entering the Chinese market, Quantum Membrane and Solar Gard have developed more than 1,700 authorized stores nationwide. In order to improve the quality of channel services, since 2008, Quantum Membrane/Solar Gard has taken the lead in developing high-end service providers in the industry - Diamond Store / Supreme Store, which not only rapidly improved the image and service quality of the store, but also established a new brand for the industry. Standard processes become the new benchmark for high-end services. Quantum Membrane/Solar Gard Automotive Membrane has cooperated with SAW Group, FAW Group, BAIC Group and other vehicle groups, and has established long-term strategic partnership with most of China's TOP100 Auto Dealer Group. Quantum Film / Solar Gard Automotive Film is also a brand of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Architectural film

International window film industry leader

Market Application

More comfortable


Reduce energy consumption by 30%

Energy saving

99% UV blocking rate to prevent interior fading


Reduce glare and enhance visual comfort


More safety


Up to SPF285+

UV blocking

Rich color which meet individual needs

Personalized appearance

Low carbon energy saving, caring for the earth

Environmental protection

Delays forced intrusion and prevents debris from splashing and causing injuries

Safety explosion-proof

Protecting the surface of valuable objects from vandalism

Scratch prevention/graffiti

Product Brand

SG Solar Gard