Saint-Gobain Habit Board, A2 level non-combustible, E0 level environmental protection; high-strength nail holding force; Saint-Gobain lasted 5 years of new research and development results revolutionary products; global patent protection.


A2 level non-combustible

  • Meet most of the building parts with fire protection requirements

  • Save time and effort: no extra time

  • Save money: buy flame retardant panels at no extra cost

E0 level environmental protection

  • Formaldehyde emission is less than 0.5mg / l (plywood highest standard E0 level)

  • No formaldehyde additives such as glue are added to the core

 high-strength nail holding force

  • High-strength air nails and screw holding force

  • Exclusive patented gelling technology + fiber-increasing material

  • Flexible construction can be compared with wood board