Quantum film, the worldwide leader in the film industry, holds hands with the car industry giants, and has become the official Porsche (China) certified paint protection film (PPF).


By the end of 2019, Quantum Paint Protection Film has passed the authoritative certification of many luxury brands in the world such as BMW USA, General Motors USA, Volvo China, Ford China, Cadillac China, and has become the designated PPF brand.

At the beginning of the year 2020, Quantum film has become strong partner with the world's Fortune 500 and now has joined hands with Porsche, the world's largest car company to become the officially certified PPF for Porsche (China).



It is the giants in the industry, and famous around the world.

Porsche, a world-renowned sports car brand.

Since 1948, The Porsche has always been adhering to the excellent sports pedigree and track spirit, integrating power science and aesthetic personality design, and creating a new level of control, which has achieved an immortal legend in the German automobile industry.

With High-end and dignity as its innate qualities, the well-known Porsche crest, shows its proud historical glory and brand exploits.

In 1953, conceived by Ferdinand Porsche, the prancing black horse symbolizes Porsche's amazing explosive power. Stuttgart in the center represents the location of Stuttgart of the Porsche company. It is surrounded by the state emblem of Baden-Fortenburg and decorated with the German flag in black, red and yellow, which together constitute a passionate crest.

Originated from Saint-Gobain Group of France, one of the world's top 500 companies, inherited Saint-Gobain's 355-year history and more than 40 years of scientific and technological innovation in the industry, the Quantum film has become the first choice of many Porsche car owners with its best quality and service, which has served more than 1,000 Porsche vehicles nationwide.

Stand out by layers of screening

The screening process took nine months as the first official cooperation between Quantum film and Porsche (China).During this period, there are also many first-line PPF brand competing with Quantum.

During the nine months, Quantum PPF products need to go through numerous tests such as gloss, tear, peel strength, tensile strength, chemical resistance, aging resistance tests and so on, which is undoubtedly a great challenge for brands.

However, Quantum PPF has unique product advantages. The optical grade poly caprolactone TPU imported from the United States and the industry's unique immersion coating process endow it with inherently excellent mechanical strength, oil resistance, chemical, abrasion and tear resistance, which possesses excellent comprehensive performance.

When it is pasted on the car, the high-definition TPU glittering and translucent like a crystal glass mirror can greatly improve the gloss of the car body, which not only shows the noble temperament but also protect the nature and lasting of the paint.

Even after 1500 hours of accelerated aging by a xenon lamp, the film surface will not fall off or turn yellow.
Quantum PPF is among the best in terms of excellent performance in all kinds of experiments, which is recognized by Porsche officials.

In the end, Quantum PPF was selected as the official Porsche (China) certified paint protection film under the evaluation of many judges.

This cooperation is of great significance to both Quantum and Porsche (China),which not only has optimized the car owner's experience from purchase but also has saved the time for the car owner to select and inspect the paint film.

When the giants of the car industry and the leader in the film industry join hands to create the best products, Porsche owners can enjoy the driving pleasure freely and get meticulous care.