'Better City, Better Life': Shanghai celebrates 10th anniversary of 2010 World Expo


"Better city, better life", the theme of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, was a motto once familiar to many Chinese, but 10 years removed from the grand event, many living in the host city have found that the concept is becoming a reality. CGTN's Xu Mengqi reports.

A celebration of the 10th anniversary of 2010 World Expo. On Sunday, a tour organized partially by the Shanghai People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries invited expatriates in the city to a former expo site, and explored the legacy of the 2010 event.

CLAUDE MAILLOT Chief Executive, Bureau Veritas Marine China Co., Ltd "I think this expo has sort of been the launching of a much larger phenomenon, where people are getting increasingly conscious of the necessity to improve the environment, and actually for Shanghai, we have seen continuous improvement."

This one area, where cities around the world exhibited their most advanced design ideas and green technologies at the time, was kept intact after the expo, and redeveloped into a neighborhood for cultural and creative industries.

NINI Shanghai Resident "I like the roses here, and the unique architecture."

CHERRY Nini's Mom "Back in 2010 my oldest daughter wasn't born yet. I took her around the expo while still pregnant, and after we had her we brought her to see the expo sites many times too."

JAVIER GIMENO CEO, Asia Pacific Region, Saint-Gobain "I think the atmosphere is great, you see that people are enjoying this place. They're using it in an active manner, and it is a perfect integration between the architecture, environment and the people living here."

Participants on the tour include businesses that have been recognized for their contributions to the city's development, and families who have lived in Shanghai for many years.

IVAN CHAPDELAINE Landscape Designer "One important part about urban design is the incorporation of art in public areas. Art helps bring people together and acts as a gathering point. I see a lot of art installations in Shanghai, and a lot of it is very impressive."

GREGORY LUKASIK CEO, USG Boral China "You know I'm in the building materials industry, and I do think Shanghai is definitely one of the places in the world where experimentation, innovation, contemporary architecture, sustainable construction, is really a place for development."

Both visitors and locals agree, the area, which is loaded with people's memory of the 2010 expo, has also become a landmark that points toward the future of neighborhood development in cities. XMQ, CGTN, Shanghai.



Source: CGTV