Part Number

  • Zirshot Z100 100-150μm
  • Zirshot Z150 150-210μm
  • Zirshot Z210 210-300μm
  • Zirshot Z300 300-425μm
  • Zirshot Z425 425-600μm
  • Zirshot Z600 600-850μm
  • Zirshot Z850 850-1180μm


Ceramic Shot Peening Media

Saint-Gobain ZirPro Zirshot® is the industrial reference media for ceramic shot peening, enhancing the fatigue resistance of mechanical parts made of metallic alloys such as hard steel, titanium and aluminum. In shot forming, Zirshot also is used to shape and straighten slim hard alloys for aerospace structural components.

Zirshot combines the high hardness (700HV) and toughness of ceramic materials with optimal spherical bead shape and tight size distribution, resulting in outstanding peening benefits:

       ·  High energy transfer at the impact point on the metallic substrate

       ·  Preservation of the integrity of the peened surface with smooth and uniform surface finish

Specific size ranges can be supplied upon request. Packaging is 25 kg plastic containers or big bags.


Zirshot Ceramic Bead Size


Superior Peening Performance


Zirshot peening Aluminum


Peening with Zirshot ceramic shots offers:

       ·   High level of compressive stress near the surface, even on extremely hard metal

       ·  Smooth surface finish that minimizes crack initiation

       ·  Very low material abrasion that maintains accuracy of fine geometries

       ·  High rebound that allows homogeneous coverage of intricate geometries

       ·  Very low levels of particle embedment

       ·  No need for decontamination post-treatments for non-ferrous alloys

       ·  Cost savings on the downstream processes (coating, polishing)


Guaranteed quality and versatility

Because quality of the peening media is a critical parameter that directly impacts the service life of treated components, ZirPro manufactures shot peening media using tightly controlled procedures and specifications, enabling Zirshot to conform to the most stringent aerospace and automotive ceramic shot peening standards.


Zirshot ceramic shot nozzle peening


Contact us to learn more: https://www.zirpro.com/zirconia-beads-powders/zirshot