THERMOVIT Clearview is a specially laminated glass which is electrically heated by a metal-oxide coating which is neutral in appearance, offering complete transparency, undistorted and unobstructed visibility.

This wire-free product is ideally suited for areas in the vessel where an optimum view of the outside and thermal comfort are required. For instance, THERMOVIT Clearview provides extra comfort for passengers within restaurants and entertainment rooms by reducing the cold surface effect (convection) caused by the cold outside temperature and thereby ensuring a clearview through the windows, even for those sitting close to the glass.

The glass also limits condensation in high humidy areas such as swimming pools or when used in high himidity climates.

One of the primary advantages of THERMOVIT Clearview is achieved when the product is applied in the ship wheelhouse, where the ship’s navigation can benefit from a clear and unobstructed view - showing no wires - when looking through binoculars.

THERMOVIT Clearview is also available in double-glazing units to provide improved thermal comfort. When compared with other coated Low-E glass solutions there is no noticable colour difference.