TPO, walk with the world! Saint-gobain Coshun co-branded product launch conference


Saint-gobain Keshun High-tech Materials Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Saint-Gobain Keshun") held TPO, with the world! Saint-gobain Coshun co-branded products launch conference, promote the classification of co-branded products, and launch relevant supporting policies.


The conference will be held on June 1, 2023 in the parent company Colson Stock headquarters Guangzhou co-branded product launch conference. The conference invited the general manager of Saint-Gobain: Zhang Feng; Chief Business Development Officer of Saint-Gobain Asia Pacific, Operations Director of Saint-Gobain Colshun: Wang Huan; Director of Colson Stock Market Center: Dong Hai; Colson Shares TPO product Manager: Wang Chuyang, and more than 100 people online and offline attended.



 In the meeting, Mr. Wang Huan led everyone to understand the development history of Saint-Gobain Group, the significance of the birth of Saint-Gobain Colshun and the prospect of future business. Backed by the two parent groups, Colshun Saint-Gobain has a high start and a steady development trend. Combining our strengths in product research and development, manufacturing and sales, we will create a series of products to meet the growing demand for high performance, low carbon and environmental protection high-tech building materials in China. Saint-gobain Colsun will continue to improve building quality and reduce energy consumption throughout the life cycle of buildings, helping to achieve the 2060 carbon neutral goal.

This meeting marks: Saint-Goban Colson co-branded series products officially launched, launched thermoplastic polyolefin series products, can build repair system, integrated roofing system, widely used in industrial, public buildings and other waterproof projects.

Under THE guidance of the group's mission "MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER HOME", it has become a benchmarking enterprise in China's waterproof market in line with international standards.