Quantum film diamonds for 20 years.


First, the collection of objects:

Premium car owners: Purchased 2 or more quantum film diamond packages (including diamond 70 front film + optional side back film) before 2016 (inclusive), and purchased from January 1st to December 31st, 2017. A quantum film diamond package of one or more times, and a vehicle with a quantum film metal standard is preferred.

Second, the incentive policy
The quality owner will receive a customized "Twenty Years Diamond Benefits" VIP Card from Quantum Film Headquarters, which will receive a gift of 3,000 yuan and six sets of exquisite gifts, as follows.
1) 1 set of Fitbit Blaze new smart sports watch;
2) 1 set of Saint-Gobain car water glass;
3) 1 piece of quantum car glass anti-fogging agent;
4) 1 piece of quantum interior surface protection agent
5) 1 set of Quantum Descurable;
6) 1 Quantum Year of the Rooster Mascot;

Please call 400-820-1108 immediately to provide clues, lots of prizes, and look forward to your participation!


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