In Beijing in July, we blew a film whirlwind



The 2018 Quantum Film "Elite" National Tour is in full swing

This week we came to Beijing.

All the race vehicles on the scene have been parked and ready


2018 Quantum Film "Elite" Regional Competition Beijing Station

As the world leader in window film industry, Saint-Gobain Shurejia Special Coatings Co., Ltd. has been continuously introducing international standard film technology. While long-term commitment to the overall improvement of China's automotive film industry, it also hopes to provide a talent for outstanding talents. A good platform to show yourself.

Mr. Zhang Xiaoyu, Marketing Manager, Saint-Gobain Shurejia Special Coating Co., Ltd.

The contestants from the eight provinces in the north are the best in the foil industry in North China. Let us look forward to their performance.

At the beginning of the competition, each film technician was fully engaged in the filming operation.

The film is a meticulous work that requires patience and responsibility. We will score according to the international film standards from six aspects: edge processing, noise, air bubbles, water level, appearance and vehicle protection.

At every corner of the window, the skill of the filming technician is tested.

Quantum film, no matter which direction the light comes from, is destined to protect you.

After an intense and intense competition, when it was finally seen, the judges strictly checked the film and scored it, and also communicated and encouraged according to the technician's film.


After the rating is over, I finally reached the moment when I announced the results -


North China region sales evaluation top three





Top three technical competitions in North China





The top three in the comprehensive evaluation of the North China region





The 2018 Beijing Station Film Contest has achieved great success.

Little MO congratulates these well-received film technicians who have demonstrated their level and style through this competition! I believe they will get better and better in the future!

In addition to the film contest

We also launched a quantum film offline meeting

Let everyone make progress together in learning and communication

Everyone publicly discussed the film technology

Let the technicians know more about the characteristics of the quantum film


July 19-20, 2018, the national finals of the Quantum Film "Elite" Tour will be held in Qingdao. Quantum Membrane is sincerely looking forward to your visit to witness the birth of our national championship.

Quantum film " We are on it!"

As for love, go with you! Quantum film,  good luck!