Dream Classroom Is No Longer a Dream!


What is your dream classroom? One thousand students will give one thousand different answers. But Saint-Gobain believes the following comfort needs must be in common for students and teachers: comfortable temperature and humidity, abundant and comfortable daylighting, free of noise disturbance, fresh and healthy air. Collaborating with Hipaint, the winner of Saint-Gobain Innovation & Entrepreneurship China competition 2017, an old uncomfortable classroom in the SHU-UTS SILC Business School (SILC)in Shanghai University was renovated into a ‘dream classroom’ by using SGmulti-comfort solutions. Products from Gyproc, Weber, Glassolution and Ecophon(interior insulation, Habito board, ActivAir board, self-leveling floor, XNII glazing, Ecophon Focus D ceiling tiles) were implemented to provide a comfortable and engaging teaching and learning environment. In the autumn semester 2018, about 160 students from 4 courses have been using the dream classroom. Both students and teachers commented that the comfortable environment helped to improve their efficiency.  The dream classroom was also visitored by hundreds of visitors from the education sector (including university presidents, school administrators and education officials). The inauguration of the dream classroom was held on Dec 14th, 2018 with guests and potential customers in the education sector. A research program is being formulized between SILC, Hipaint and Saint-Gobain Research Shanghai to investigate the impact of the indoor environment on the performance and wellbeing of students and teachers by comparing with a reference classroom.


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