Fire safety training Bulletin


Raise a Babel of criticism of before "Kunshan Zhongrong" blasts werenoisy, hazard must be crystal clear fire everyone. According to the survey results, 1/3 of the country's workers, half of the students lack the knowledge and knowledge of self rescue and escape, 80% people don't pay attention to fire safety exit and fire facilities in public places. Our Yongxin company toimprove fire safety awareness of employees; employee initial fire fightingability, evacuation ability. That everyone can only do fire safety work in their jobs, and consciously safeguard the family, social public fire safety. In September 24.26 and 8.14 October 4 times to carry out fire safety training for all staff.



I attend a 26 day training, lecturer Zhang Zhaoyu is divided into three parts: the first is to introduce us to the popularization of basic knowledge of fire safety such as: what is the fire, the three elements of fire, the main reason of causing fire in the workplace, 4 kinds of method of fire; and explains the basic knowledge of fire extinguishers and fire extinguisher classification using at present, with dry powder fire extinguisher number; finally through the video to show us the fire extinguisher use: first get rid of the seals, pull the safety pin, left hand to hold the nozzle, right hand with the pressure,flame in the distance two metres, press the handle with the right hand, left hand holding the nozzle swing jet dry powder to cover the entire combustion zone. In training near the end, also played a soldier and Qizhi crosstalk, let us in the laughter learned how to make a fire alarm telephone: causes the contents of the report include the fire location,; lift can not be used in the fire, the fire has and the body, stick is wonderful.



Let me have a preliminary understanding of fire through this training, in October 16th the company will organize the employees to carry out fire protection practice, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. Let us look forward to the theoretical knowledge learned to use walkthrough, finally in emergency situations to protect a skill we become.