Meet China's new era glassware development considerations


As the world economy globalization process moves forward, China is gradually developed into the world's manufacturing center. At the same time, some Chinese enterprises will glassware internationalization as a business development strategy.


How to improve China glassware manufacturing enterprise's core competitiveness. As we all know, the 21st century is the century of competition by the speed, the competition has been reviewed by the level of competition between individual enterprises development level of competition throughout the supply chain. Glassware manufacturing technology is a modern vessel industry an important symbol of the development process, explore glass machinery technology as the basis glassware industry accelerate the process of internationalization has practical significance.


I believe that the Chinese glassware industry has been in a slump, seems to have become a sunset industry, not heard towering listen. In fact, it is imperative, glassware industry needs is technology and equipment, the level of technology, environmental conservation, organizational efficiency upgrades. Abandon the race to rule the exploitation and speculation, glassware industry can rise from the ashes. Good business and bad business is not to produce anything to divide, but to profitability, management ability and responsibility to division. Line with world trends glassware manufacturing industry is still promising. From the news we can focus on that, recently, the U.S. conducted a State of the Union speech President Obama, and stressed the importance of 3D printing technology and the promotion of 3D printing industry. Known as a manufacturing technology can change. And this technology in our glass mold manufacturing industry has highlighted the achievements, but as a glassware manufacturing enterprises should be those which reflect it? In the author I glass industry practitioners accumulated thirty years of history perspective, briefly addressed the superficial point of view is as follows:

1, glassware enterprise organization and management upgrades.

The author practitioners too large glassware company executives, industry characteristics from the vessel to see, it is impossible to have a unified management model for replication industry, every business has its glassware different course of development characteristics, therefore, for organization and management of the enterprise itself status, renewal, Recruitment, tailored to fit their own development mechanism personalized organization and management system. Of course, the process of creating this organization system is a painful and complicated systems engineering, change thinking patterns and enterprise development concept is a pain point. The first is the chairman of the board and management of the operator mindset change, analyze their own enterprises operating status and corporate strategy development orientation, find and diagnose the root causes of the plight of the enterprise development process, into an enterprise organization and management of systemic mode of thinking philosophy and corporate culture develop practical workable reform implementation plan, top-down systems engineering steps itemized in accordance with the implementation. Followed by the organization in all aspects of corporate self-examination roots improvement, such as: the implementation level in the enterprise institutionalized processes, standardization, information technology and human resources development and other aspects of implementation of the strategy echelon. From the fundamental solution and discard exploitation under competition rules and speculative mentality, can stand on the level of development of Chinese glassware leading enterprises to embark on the road of healthy lifelong career.

2, utensils industry equipment, technology upgrades.


 "New trends in global manufacturing, Europe has formed a re-industrialization trend." At present, Chinese glassware manufacturer, only de force in Anhui, Shandong Huapeng and a few other companies represented, in part or in massive introduction of foreign glassware machinery automation equipment and technology to address the efficiency decreases the negative impact of rising labor costs , is the industry leader. And 90% of the containers production line equipment is in a semi-mechanized, based on the consumption of a lot of labor costs, and consumable waste of resources, in the near future, but rely on cheap labor, low-cost equipment manufacturing enterprises will face with devastating reshuffle. Part of the backbone enterprises in the domestic and foreign markets forced utensils, its organizational structure, management, technology and equipment, product quality is also undergoing profound change considerations. Integrated production enterprise restructuring has two characteristics, namely fast, two is a light, do these two points, will be eliminated immediately. Consumer prices fall glassware war is forecast to be fully open play, with electricity providers, glassware industry enterprises to enter the speed, management, capital limit battle. Our current domestic glassware industry status quo, that is, foreign companies glassware period of change 50 years ago, I visited many foreign glassware manufacturing company, are to undergo a period of transition we are now, survival of the fittest, otherwise companies will face fend for themselves by the law of historical development eliminated Transformative Period.

3, utensils industry marketing concept model transformation

Glassware industry, traditional marketing philosophy, corporate emphasis on "products", but meet the quality requirements of the product, the consumer is not necessarily satisfied. Enterprises should focus attention to the individual customer market share of the "customer share" up, attention to the products owned by the customer's share of all the products, and strive to improve on this share of possession. Understand "customer share" is to be used to distinguish between customers, "customer share" share of wallet can be called SOW. We can customer coming period the share of wallet with existing procurement plans for the two-dimensional criteria for classification, the customer attributed to the "need to fight," and "the need for training" and "the need for maintaining the" three different stages in order to carry out targeted marketing campaigns and provide differentiated and customized products and services. As we all know, the company's products are able to win the love of consumers, it depends on whether you were too small for the consumer analysis and research, how much you know about them, they are a commodity purchase decision what is the real reason? The key is that you uncover the mysteries must be valid for the use of "appropriate and the surprise," the interests of the positioning methods, in the minds of consumers find their expectations for the benefits of your product where the core elements. And how positioning strategy in the minds of consumers establish a differentiated brand image.


There are basic conditions for domestic glassware individual enterprise is trying to be explored, "Franchise Direct Mode" is essentially through simplification, elimination of middlemen, enabling franchisees to reduce the flow of product costs and maximize the benefits to meet customer demand. In the past, sales model, there are two sales teams, namely the manufacturer to the dealer, and then by the dealer to the customer. The Franchise Direct modes are: manufacturers a certain appeal to the public on the basis of direct communication with target customers, in order to achieve practical consumer marketing campaigns. Basic elements: the support of the public consumer awareness;-one relationship building and formation; live show with focus promotions. As production businesses directly to customers, reducing storage space and eliminate the bad debts, no dealer inventory and the corresponding additional costs, which can protect the company and the interests of customers, accelerate the pace of growth. Speaking of chain operations, enterprises are facing a critical issue is how to replicate their store expansion, the successful experience of their own business to flourish. Core element is a complete clone function, chain operations in the course of business of course, is the need for business models to copy, and then complete business chain development. So, glassware corporate marketing model innovation, business model or the other, like business model innovation, is to find ways to improve customer delivered value source and methods. Terms of total value in improving the customer, is to find and focus on actual or potential target customers need it most needs, products and services in order to carry out the design and composition, and to focus on effective communication and interactive communication, enhance brand image, in order to improve customer perceived value; while reducing customer total costs, mainly around the target customer's consumption behavior to optimize product delivery, information inquiry, service providers and other aspects of convenient, fast and reliable. It can be said, a successful marketing model is in these two areas can be done or at least one aspect of excellence.


Overall, the current domestic glassware industry, there are product technology content is low, low added value, low degree of industrial relevance, the international market share is not high, the domestic regional development imbalances and other issues. And as domestic labor, land, equipment and other production factor costs rise, increasing competition, glassware enterprise development environment has become even worse, however, glassware enterprises due to policy restrictions and other factors, increasing the survival and development of space small. To solve these problems, and promote the healthy development of enterprises glassware, transformation and upgrading is an inevitable trend, which is placed in front of us a very urgent task. Further optimization of the current global restructuring of production factors, industry further transfer of the rapid development of the domestic economy, to further improve the market economic system and give us glassware industry development has brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges, and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises has become a long-term domestic glassware imperatives of development and the ultimate way, glassware industry transformation and upgrading is imperative.