Synergy & Agility: Eagle Grand Opening at Saint-Gobain PPL Shanghai


On Mar 26th, 2019, thanks to the joint efforts of teams from US and Belgium plants, Tape Solutions team at SGR Shanghai and various departments of Minhang site, the Eagle project has successfully completed after 2-year hard work. Marc Aerts(CEO Composite Systems), Phil Guy(GM Tape Solutions), Lucia Sun(Managing Director Greater China), Tape Solutions management team and around 40 key members of Tape Solutions Sub Business Unit across Asia witnessed the official opening.  


The success of Eagle Project is a good example of synergy between foaming and coating products. With the new design of in-line mixing system equipped with more detective function for process parameters and monitoring, the new lines become more intelligent. More accurate flow rate control assures better product quality. The localization of EV market foam helps us respond rapidly to customers’ new requirement and shortens the delivery time, providing better service for rapid growth of Asia Electric Vehicle(EV) market.


Eagle Project is a demonstration of successful collaboration between different teams to make our production more intelligent, more agile and bring the synergy between different lines to finally meet our customers’ expectation both in terms of timing and quality. Gobain