EV Battery Application Lab in SGR Shanghai

EV application lab was built in SGR Shanghai CMP lab. The lab is aiming at improve the customer intimacy by professional testing data, enhance the understanding on application and products in order to meet the requirements of fast growing EV and EV battery market in Asia. The lab has built up mechanical, aging, electrical and thermal test capability, and is directing to more system test with battery cell, module and pack.

Low VOC Foam Launched

In 2019 Q1,  CS90 was launched in Minhang plant. CS90 is soft polyurethane foam with low VOC and low odor, and meanwhile the water sealing ability is outstanding and compression set is very low even at high temperature. The product will be used in automotive interior sealing and gasketing application.

V Power New Product Launch

V Power, a new vitrified cBN product developed by Saint-Gobain research Shanghai SA Team and SA Shanghai plant, was launched in Sept. 2019. This product can be widely used for machining of engine, gearbox, transmission, and steering system etc. for auto markets. This product is 1st generation of purely local made vitrified bond cBN prduct basd on the world-leading Winter vitrified cBN technology platform. Thanks to localized design end to end, V power is able to bring below benefits to our customers.

  1. Meet all of customer’s technical output requests (work pieces machining precision, efficiency and life);
  2. Better cost performance (up to 25%);
  3. Faster reaction speed & local technical support;
  4. Shorter lead time compared with imported products;
  5. Guaranteed performance consistency.

V Power products have succeeded in various field tests at different customer sites in Auto markets and now are under smooth production for sales in China. Meanwhile, it’s under promoting to SEA and India market for Auto application step by step. We expect V Power to achieve great success to grow SA business in Auto markets in APAC.


Norton A288

China is the world’s biggest country in furniture manufacturing and exporting. For normal wooden furniture like doors, beds, tables, chairs and etc., painting and sanding are the most important manufacturing processes. Usually, a worker uses a sandpaper from coarse-grit to fine-grit till the surface finishing meets customer’s request.

The whole market size of sandpaper in painted furniture China is very big. In this market, products from Saint-Gobain Norton take the Top 1 place among the competitors.

Recently, Saint-Gobain Research Shanghai and the whole project team (R&D, process, product and sales) developed and launched a new product Norton A288, powered with about 60% of life increase from our competitors and meanwhile with good surface quality and high sanding efficiency.