New Capabilities in ENC R&D Aim to Accelerate Automotive Innovation


ENC R&D established 3 additional test capabilities in 2020 beyond current various types of test competency to support innovation in automotive market. 

HUD (Head-up Display) test platform is a collaboration between ENC R&D and CRL to combine a multifunctional vibration platform and laser technology. The new test system will help to benchmark bearings solutions with existing ones in a HUD unit in terms of NVH performance and lifetime to accelerate co-development with customers for high end wind shield HUD.

High speed rotary test platform is a versatile system to evaluate sealing performance in critical applications e.g. transmission in powertrain for traditional combustion engine and EV. With max speed of 20K rpm and wide temperature range from -40~120C the new system will provide solid and unique test data for researchers to develop innovative sealing solutions to automotive market.

Swivel torque tester is dedicated to automotive interior market for future development of swivel seat with the evolution of future cockpit in vehicles. ENC R&D together with commercial teams in Shanghai is collaborating with our key customers to co-develop sliding solutions using Norglide®/Springlide® product for next generation swivel seat and the test system provide strong support to new product development and concept validation. 

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